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Interview with Drag the River – Podcast 50

Posted by rich on February 20, 2007

So here it is our 50th episode. It’s like a birthday but it only took us about a year and a half to hit 50 as opposed to 50 years, so we’re well aged, mature and dignified all without having to wear an adult diaper.

What better way to celebrate this podcasting milestone than with a funny interview with America’s favorite drinkers, Drag the River. Seriously, Sound Guy Nariman and I celebrated by letting me get so drunk at the Drag the River show I vomited on the way home (mom must be proud). No matter my poor inebriation it made for one hell of an interview as John and Chad talk about music, booze and a Mule named Francis.

To commemorate this, our 50th episode, we have a whole shit can of ENTER TO WIN!!!’s. We’re still running our contests for Only Crime, New Mexican Disaster Squad (check those interviews for how to enter) and a brand new one for Drag the River! Be sure to check it out to win some free shwag. Be sure to send us anniversary cards to, our MySpace and the comments section. As always, enjoy the show, because we enjoyed making it (but not vomiting afterwards).

  1. Virgil Dickerson Said,

    Thanks for interviewing Drag the River for the Podcast, I will be posting a link shortly. Great podcast! Just don't encourage Jon to put more Goats on their records! When doing "It's Crazy", we asked Jon for no goats and what did he do, he put a fish on the cover. Thanks for helping spread the word for what we consider to be one of the greatest bands on the planet.

  2. Virgil Dickerson Said,

    One more thing, Kyle will be in touch shortly about doing a contest for the Drag the River podcast. We appreciate all of the support.

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