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Interview with Cobra Skulls – Podcast 60

Posted by rich on July 10, 2007

So here it is, our first interview in like 6 weeks and I can’t think of a damn intro. It’s not like I don’t have enough to work with, Cobra Skulls, our guest, is a fucking fantastic band. And it’s not like it’s not topical, their new album, Sitting Army, came out today, July 10. I just can’t think of anything else to say. I can’t even try to be my typical, not funny self.

Well, the interview is rad. We have a copy of Cobra Skulls EP, Draw Muhamad, to give away. We’ll have Warped Tour interviews for the next three weeks (just a heads up, they all suck, sorry). And that’s it. Send us e-mails (, and MySpace and shit. Maybe I’ll be more talkative next week if you contact us.

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