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Interviews at Warped Tour 2007 (Part 1) – Podcast 61

Posted by rich on July 17, 2007

So, a week back into shows and it seems like my writer’s block has cleared up, yah! Unfortunately, you now have to (well I guess not “have to” but you should) listen to what is now known as “The Warped Tour shit-fest!”. Not that I have anything against the Warped Tour, I mean we had to apply for press Pass, which in and of itself is 90% more work than we normally do. So we had to want to get in. However, once inside the Warped Tour press tent, we entered a land where time and space functioned in odd, unexplainable ways. A world where Big D and the Kids Table weren’t listed on the interview schedule, but you could interview them if you asked the press lady about it. A world where that same press lady would continually feed you band after band of crap that you didn’t request and you didn’t know a thing about. In short, a world gone mad.

So out of the three interviews we wanted we got one. Still, we left with 7 interviews, that’s 6 whole interviews filled with bands we don’t know and people we don’t know what to ask. So sit back and enjoy the awkwardness of entire interviews where I avoid asking bands about their music, because I don’t know anything about them.

As far as contests go, we’re not going to ask bands on Warped Tour, making no money, to give us free shit. Sorry, but we’re not total assholes. But stay tuned for some real contests coming up soon. Also, say hi at, on MySpace or in the comments. It’s so totally awesome it makes us forget that Al Qaeda is regrouping.

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