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Interviews at Warped Tour 2007 (Part 3) – Podcast 66

Posted by rich on August 21, 2007

Holy crap! For the two of you who might read this crap, we’ve finally rolled out a show on time for the first time since your mom was sober enough to pass out somewhere other than the porch. How did we manage to do this amazing feat of averageness? Mostly, because this is a Warped Tour episode and the show was recorded and edited weeks ago…BUT, also because I had a remarkably slow day at work and got to type the blog on the clock. Take that, the man!

So, the down side is that all the punctuality on Earth can’t make Warped Tour interviews good but Killswitch Engage can. That’s right this week we sit down with those crazy kids of metalcore to discuss the finer points of metal, punk and short shorts. Also this week has Hawaii’s very own Pepper. Other than sharing their name with a popular dinner condiment I didn’t/don’t know anything about these guys, so don’t ask me.

We’ll be wrapping up all of our contests next week, but for now you have one last chance to enter our Asian Man Contests (Lawrence Arms and Dan Potthast interviews) and the Whole Wheat Bread contest. So enter now, or just shut your trap. Leave us e-cards filled with viruses at, MySpace or the comments sections.
Hurricane Rich, out.

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