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Interview with The Weakerthans – Podcast 68

Posted by rich on November 13, 2007

Holy god! Has it really been three months? No it hasn’t, actually. Two maybe. Anyhow, after what seems like forever and ever the mediocre hobgoblin of media has returned with more apathy than ever! With no new contests this week, we can only recommend you listen because your life is remarkably boring without us.

So here’s this week show where we talk with a dude from The Weakerthans. They’re Canadian and write catchy songs about cats, curling and dudes named Gump who don’t run but skate (crazy ass backwards Canada). They also manage to be a group of pretty rad dudes. Oh yeah, and some fuzzy bastard from Punknews drops in and basically doesn’t do shit.

Enjoy the show and be sure to come back next week where we answer the burning questions, who won the Bomb the Music Industry! contest? And, who is Sound Guy Nariman’s baby daddy? Until then, send us something at, on MySpace or the comments section. Enjoy, and remember Dog The Bounty Hunter wants to be buried with George Washington’s slaves.

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