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Interview with This Is My Fist – Podcast 73

Posted by rich on January 22, 2008

After doing these things for two years it’s hard to come up with new and funny shit to say, especially when I’m old and not funny. So here’s the cold hard facts:
1) this weeks interview is with This is My Fist!
2) They’re 3 guys and a girl who are located in the Bay Area and Chicago.
3) Ever wished someone would revive the urgent, snotty punk of the early 90’s? They got your ass covered.
4) This interview was done outside, in the cold while Annie was losing her voice. Sorry if it sucks. The fine folks of This is My First deserve better.
5) We have some amazing contests lined up in the coming week, including prizes valued over $200 (no fucking shit!). So stay tuned for those.
6) Always write us at, on MySpace or in the comments section. We love you ho’s!
7) Seriously sorry about the raping Jake Gyllenhaal joke…it’s best we don’t drag that out.

Hope you like it, see y’all next week and remember when you’re R. Kelly, you can even piss on an American Idol loser.

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