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Interview with Look Mexico – Podcast 85

Posted by rich on October 21, 2008

We might actually manage two updates in a row folks! I know, I’m not only surprised but a bit disappointed in the slacker in me. I guess he just didn’t have what it took to miss another week. Anyhow, if we’re gonna be unlazy we might as well go big and have an interview with and awesome band, Look Mexico. These kids are actually from Florida, so I don’t even think they can see Mexico…So maybe there’s a metaphor in there, who knows? They get compared to American Football a lot (the band not the sport that harbors dog fighters), and that can’t be a bad thing. So enjoy the songs and the interview.

No new contest this week but we did wrap up the Against Me! Self-titled 12″ EP contest. So listen to find out if you won, and then start writting me to complain that your prize isn’t arriving fast enough.

We should have new interviews for the next couple of weeks and then I’ll be up in the Fest so I should have a ton of worthless drunken rambelings for you to enjoy. Till then feel free to write us at, on Myspace or here in our comments section. I know you’re out there (we track our hits) so say something you creep perverts.
P.S. I had no intentions of soley using songs from Look Mexico’s new EP Gasp Asp, but it’s so good I had to. Buy this shit today on Steve Job’s iTunes!

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