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Interview with No Friends – Podcast 101

Posted by rich on July 7, 2009

Taking now down time from our 100th epic show (and celebration) we’re jumping straight into 101!   This week we have a special show featuring Tony, vocalist of No Friends (and some other band call Municipal Waste).  We had a chance to talk to Tony about working with a new band, fitting in with part of the New Mexican Disaster Squad dynamic and how to work in two awesome bands.  Plus, we have some awesome new songs from No Friends not yet released LP.

We’ll have some hot new contests and interviews in weeks to come.  I’ll be live and at Warped Tour this weekend…So get ready for disappointment.  Feel free to send us suggestions or feedback to SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on Myspace or here in our comments section.  And remember, “People think I’ve changed. I have changed. We’ve been dealing a long time with this,” – Clown Car Vagina.

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