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Interview with Dillinger Four – Podcast 110

Posted by rich on November 4, 2009

Thank god Fest is over!  I love that thing but I’m pretty sure it tries to kill me every year.  Sound Crazy?!  This year I have a black eye, a knot on my forehead and a cut on my face to prove it.  I look like I was on the bad end of a prison rape (is there a good end?).  Anyhow, the one piece of mind I have is that this weeks show features the one group of people who probably fared worse than me, Dillinger 4!  However, we did do this show a couple weeks before Fest, when they came to San Francisco, but c’mon, you really think they’ll all be sober enough to do an interview at Fest?  Don’t be an asshole, of course not!

If you don’t know who Dillinger 4 is, Google “Paddy’s balls”.  I think they also did something musical at some point but I’ve been wrong before.  Anyhow, enjoy, and remember we still have some contests up and running, so enter all of them just to be safe.  As always, we’re at SoundSceneRevolution[at], on Myspace and here too.  Now go see Michael Jackson in This is It, and shout requests for songs at the screen the whole time.

  1. MattRamone Said,

    Dante, i want you inside me.

  2. Aaron Said,

    I think I saw you at the Warehouse, with that black eye and bleeding knot on your forehead, wearing a black che hat (or whatever you call those hats)

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