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Interview with Gnarboots (Part 1) – Podcast 120

Posted by rich on May 4, 2010

We here at Sound Scene Revolution have always prided ourselves on taking risks and breaking the molds.  When most people looked to terrestrial radio, we took to the internet.  When most people look to top 40 music, we look to underground artists.  When most people said you need to bath at least once a week…You get the idea.  Today, we continue our fine tradition of non-tradition by premiering not one, but two new shows, featuring not two but one band!  That’s right, Oakland/San Jose/Santa Cruz’s world famous Gnarboots spent so much time explaining their sounds, spreading otherworldly lies and doing Boys II Men songs that it couldn’t make it into one interview.  So, instead of painstakingly stressing over the best 20 to 30 minutes we just threw the whole mess down (binary style) for you to enjoy.  So check out what is legitimately one of the longest and strangest interviews we’ve ever done, with one of the strangest bands out there.

We’re still running some contests (NoBunny, namely) so check those shows out.  As always, drop us some information and question(ation)s at SoundSceneRevoltion[at]gmail[dot]com, on myspace or in our comments section and follow us on Twitter (…We’ll post something soon.  And remember, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a posse.”

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