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Interview with Defiance, Ohio – Podcast 52

Posted by rich on March 6, 2007

I’m at the job so I’ll keep this short (updating your blog is apparently only a small step up from looking at porn on the clock, according to company policy). This week we have a couple of special surprises. First, we have a rocking guest by the name of Geoff from Defiance, Ohio. They’re a super awesome band that blends elements of folk and punk(ya know, folk-punk). If that doesn’t do it for you picture Against Me!, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Woody Guthrie and four dudes who haven’t showered in a while playing beach volleyball in the middle of October on some far off frozen tundra that is only inhabited by an indigenous population of crab people, while the soundtrack to The Sound of Music plays in the background and a team of Iron Chefs prepare a meal for the Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan using the secret ingredient of teeth pulled from the infant mouth of the Siberian White Tiger. Ya know something like that.

No matter what you compare them to Defiance, Ohio is one thing, good! And to add to this weeks goodness we have a special guest interviewer, Justin from Punknews.org . Unlike all the other times where he just chimes in with a question or two Justin actually takes the helm for this interview and steers this sinking ship of a podcast right into the coast of awesomeness! Of course this journey did take some 50 minutes so Sound Guy Nariman edged it down a bit for posting, but the full sized one should be up at sometime.

FINALLY: we wrap up our contests for Only Crime, New Mexican Disaster Squad and Drag the River this week. Thanks to everyone who entered, be sure to listen to see if you won. While we don’t have a new contest (as Defiance, Ohio readily gives their music away) we are continuing to run our contest for Tim Barry, so listen to that and learn how to enter. Always (and I mean that) feel free to drop us a line at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, on MySpace or in the comments section. You never call anymore and a letter once in a while would be nice and don’t even get me started on how neglectful you’ve been of Sound Guy Nariman…Well you get the idea.


Interview with Tim Barry – Podcast 51

Posted by rich on February 27, 2007

Hey all, just so ya know, we’re not actually late with this post. See, this episode we have our second artist on Suburban Home Records, Tim Barry, in as many weeks. I had a blog all set and ready to post and then I read this. Needless to say I was stunned, especially considering how generously Virgil hooked us up with give-away stuff these past two episodes. Suburban Home has always been one of those labels that put out quality bands, maybe not bands that sold millions of albums but that always made good music. They’ve been nothing but nice to me (both in my dealings as a mail order customer and in the podcast), which may not seem too odd but trust me, most labels aren’t too eager to help out a kid with a late order or some douche with a podcast. I really wish all the best to Virgil and everyone at Suburban Home/Dead Format/Vinyl Collective, these are the people who know what music is supposed to be about.

Much like Suburban Home is a dying breed of labels Tim Barry (this weeks guest) is a dying breed of musician. Tim isn’t a guy who makes music for fame, fans, drugs and certainly not for money. Tim makes music for himself and maybe (and this is just my take on it) he does it to exorcise a few demons. After meeting Tim two things are clear; 1, his music is a brutally honest self portrait and 2, he’s never going to be a rich man. So, check this interview out and hear how despair, hope and perseverance become music.

Like I mentioned Virgil hooked us up crazy, so let me lay out the contests:
Drag the River:
One (1) winner will get a t-shirt (medium), and a Drag the River beer cozy.
One (1) winner will get a t-shirt (medium), Drag the River beer Cozy, a DTR pint glass, a copy of DTR’s Closed and Hobo Demos (if you have either let us know and will give the album you have to another winner) and some stickers. Flippin’ Sweet!

So check that out and learn how to enter

For this week we have one (1) winner who will receive a copy of Tim Barry’s Rivanna Junction and a Tim Barry pint glass. That ain’t bad for not doing shit besides listening and sending an e-mail. So be sure to listen and hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, our MySpace and the comments section. Till next week.


Interview with Chuck Ragan – Podcast 32

Posted by rich on August 22, 2006

So for those of you not wrapped up in the uneventful 24 hour news coverage of a 10 year old murder case, we have a new and exciting interview. This week we talk with a musician, carpenter and fisherman. I mean none other than the eclectic Chuck Ragan.

Now if that name sounds familiar it’s not just because his name has the same pronunciation as a former president. Chuck fronted a couple of little Florida swamp bands by the name of Hot Water Music and Rumbleseat. Now a days Chuck is taking time to churn out some amazing solo music that is high in a rockatude, even if it’s low on electrical instruments. This is the only man who can knowledgably discuss major touring, shark tacos and Afro Cuban Jazz. Truly this interview has it all.

Not only do we have some of the only live recorded Chuck Ragan solo material we have a chance for you to win some as well. Just listen to the end of our broadcast (last 8 minutes) to learn how to enter to win. Also, you can send us messages at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, on our MySpace or on the comment sections on the main page. Enjoy, because next week we go back to the chaos that is interviewing whole bands.


Interview with Jason Webley – Podcast 14

Posted by rich on January 31, 2006

So Happy Chinese New Year! Though I’m not Chinese I’d like to believe my insatiable love of their food would qualify for reason to cheer. Another reason to cheer is this week’s interview with sing/songwriter/accordionist/vegetable rights activist Jason Webley. I’ve been a huge fan of Jason’s work for the last few years so I leapt and grabbed at the opportunity to talk to him, even if it was in a shady basement, in a shady area of shady San Francisco (it was quite dark with all that shade).

Honestly though, I was super stoked about this interview. And what’s cooler is I got to do it in nearly an ideal setting, the creepy basement of some hole-in-the-wall club that was illuminated solely by red lights. Sure it was a strange location but it seemed to ooze the perfect atmosphere for Jason. So trust me when I say that this is an interview you want to listen to if you’re a fan of Jason Wesley or if you just want to hear a guy who’s freakin’ awesome.

So enjoy and be sure to push us on your friends like dope. Honestly, send them a link to our site in e-mails and IM’s. To make sure they open it give it some heading like “Every time this is Forwarded little Jimmy gets a new spleen” and then tack some line on the end about how if it’s not forwarded to 10 people the Ghost of Kwanza Past will haunt them. Or you could just post on our comments section, send us an e-mail at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com or find us on MySpace. We know how many of you listen to this (we have our ways) now pony up and start earning your free weekly music. Till next week.

P.S. we’d also like to mention the name of Mr. Webley’s proposed record label is not “Beep”. We were simply asked to remove the name, to avoid potential complications while Jason finalizes securing it. So, we know something you don’t. Nah nah nah nah nah nah.