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Interview with Fake Problems – Podcast 78

Posted by rich on May 6, 2008

Alright, I get it, I suck! How can we honestly have these interviews in the can and yet not post them? Is it life? Work? Women? Stomach Flu? Probably not. I just can’t think of new and funny stuff to write. So I bail.

Regardless, we soldier on like soldiers soldiering through something. This week we have our friendly little brothers Fake Problems on the show. We spoke with these kids a while back but figure that after a full length and a 7″ release since we last spoke it would be a good idea to touch base. We spoke with guitarist/vocalist Chris and guitarist/owner of Good Friends Records, Casey. These kids have a future so bright they gotta wear shades (or is that to hide the red eyes?) and it doesn’t hurt that Chris dresses like a tiny Mr. Rogers.

Also, we have a brand new ENTER TO WIN!!! where you can land a copy of the Fake Problems first 7″, Spurs and Spokes, on white vinyl. This shit is rare and out of print as a muthafucka so don’t miss out. Also, send us some love or spam at, on Myspace or right here on our comments.
Sidenote: John McCain finished in the bottom 5 of his graduating class. Moral? Study or the Vietcong will whoop your ass.

  1. Adam Said,


    I checked out your show a while ago, and I wanted to email you because I think you have a really great concept. Your shows are interesting, and I've had fun listening through them. The episodes keep getting better and better.

    I'm always looking around for new shows to listen to because I'm a podcaster too. I do a weekly music review show called Have You Heard ( We interview musicians, talk about music news, and review two new records every week. You should check it out. I'd love some feedback on the show.

    -Adam Trimble

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