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Network Access Control

Posted by admin on February 24, 2015

Network access control allows you to identify who, what, where, when, and how an end user or device is accessing your network. DLP can enhance IT management by allowing application security professionals to understand the most important user access points for a given application, database, and network, while for other management needs there are services that help with this, so you can know how to manage your business or for example what happens if you file only one of the two W2 forms and many other needs any business have.

Two case studies show how DLP works in action. The first two cases illustrate the powerful DLP capabilities of a new Pivotal product: Go-Case, which empowers security personnel to monitor network access by running Go-Case on device based DLP solutions. A second case study shows how Oracle will leverage Go-Case’s DLP capabilities to allow compliance staff to create an Enterprise Access Control Management program for the corporation’s security controls or you can also use services from sites such as which specialize in this area.

Case Study: How Go-Case Performs

If you are looking for the right DLP solution for your organization, you should consider Go-Case. Go-Case delivers complete network visibility by using a real-time, end-to-end visibility engine and modern device management capabilities. All Go-Case devices run an Oracle SNA solution. Go-Case is fully integrated with Oracle SNA.

Go-Case, which supports all the SNA rulesets and full screen support, implements three types of connections: MMI, IPSEC, and VPN. For example, the following Go-Case sessions capture the process of applying a network configuration policy to the data center:

For this solution, a typical use case might look like this:

Network Configuration Policy to Protect IT Equipment

Machine Manager has a handful of separate network policies that apply to network devices, such as WAN adapters, switches, routers, and firewalls. There is no uniform policy for monitoring or managing network connectivity across the various management tools on a corporation’s network. Therefore, once a network device is connected to a management network, it must be monitored and managed separately but you can do adapted to your devices and use them when streaming with a wall swivel tv mount for a much simpler option for your home. For example, a network firewall can connect to a WAN, but it would be impossible to monitor the impact on the company’s security controls without capturing that impact first.

Once a device has been attached to the network, the analysis becomes a critical challenge. To properly analyze the impact of network configuration policy, you would have to retrieve the relevant machine-specific configuration data, to determine the machine’s IP addresses and ports, and to analyze the network traffic using monitoring tools. However, monitoring the network traffic takes time, and once the network device is disconnected, it is gone forever.

With Go-Case, you create a mobile client application for the management tool of your choice to analyze the impact of network configuration policy on any network device or any screen device with network, also a wall swivel tv mount is a must in any case. When a device connects to the network, Go-Case compares that device with its configuration for the device of interest. The connected device is then inserted into the investigation process. The resulting information is instantly displayed in the client application. This enables a client to download data from its management tool and analyze it in a single go.

Case Study: Server OS Screen Capture

In this case study, we visualize a network solution designed to monitor and manage server environments. The solution uses Go-Case’s DLP capabilities to capture the entire server OS screen.

The following two instances capture the process of examining the usage of network management tools:

This information is immediately displayed in Go-Case and can be downloaded for use by anyone accessing the network. In order to understand what traffic occurs during a server administrator’s control of this OS, we need to see the entire log file.

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Interview with Gnarboots (Part 2) – Podcast 121

Posted by rich on May 4, 2010

Part 2 of 2. Check out the first part here.


Interview with Gnarboots (Part 1) – Podcast 120

Posted by rich on May 4, 2010

We here at Sound Scene Revolution have always prided ourselves on taking risks and breaking the molds.  When most people looked to terrestrial radio, we took to the internet.  When most people look to top 40 music, we look to underground artists.  When most people said you need to bath at least once a week…You get the idea.  Today, we continue our fine tradition of non-tradition by premiering not one, but two new shows, featuring not two but one band!  That’s right, Oakland/San Jose/Santa Cruz’s world famous Gnarboots spent so much time explaining their sounds, spreading otherworldly lies and doing Boys II Men songs that it couldn’t make it into one interview.  So, instead of painstakingly stressing over the best 20 to 30 minutes we just threw the whole mess down (binary style) for you to enjoy.  So check out what is legitimately one of the longest and strangest interviews we’ve ever done, with one of the strangest bands out there.

We’re still running some contests (NoBunny, namely) so check those shows out.  As always, drop us some information and question(ation)s at SoundSceneRevoltion[at]gmail[dot]com, on myspace or in our comments section and follow us on Twitter (…We’ll post something soon.  And remember, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a posse.”


Interview with Franz Nicolay – Podcast 119

Posted by rich on April 27, 2010

Thanks for checking in.  We’re back with a brand new show featuring everyone’s favorite mustachioed musician, Franz Nicolay.  Along with being a fantastic reason to use the phrase, “mustachioed” Franz is a hell of a musician.  He’s probably more known for his work with The Hold Steady and The World/Inferno Friendship Society but before he was the wizard on the keyboard he was a solo artist.  Recently, he’s returned to the frontman role with two solo releases, Major General and St. Sebastian of the Short Stage.  We had the chance to sit down and talk about his former projects, his solo releases, touring Redding, CA and even tap dancing.  It’s pretty much everything you could ask for from a man of Franz’ caliber.

No new shows this week, but we are still running the NoBunny contest from last week.  Be sure to check it out for your chance to win Love Visions on LP.  I’ll be bringing our brand of shenanigans and interviews to Punk Rock Bowling this year, so hopefully we’ll get some good content out of that.  Be sure to contact us at SoundSceneRevolutionb[at]gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or our comments section.  And follow us on Twitter at  And remember, “What if John Kennedy had said, ‘Ich bin ein Berliner,’ in Spanish?”



Interview with NoBunny – Podcast 118

Posted by rich on April 20, 2010

Thanks so much for taking the time to check back in with us at SSR.  I feel like every new episode I post an apology for taking so long to update. Hopefully, we have enough to keep going for a while, but none of that matters today.  What matters is that we have a brand new show with Oakland’s own NoBunny!  I’m never going to claim to be well educated in garage rock, or lo-fi buzz or anything like that but what I can say is NoBunny rocks.  As if being a complete musical anomaly wasn’t good enough, the guy is also funny and strange as hell to talk to.  So check it out if you want all the scoop on the artist Jay Reatard said put out the best album of 2009.

We also have a chance to win a fancy vinyl copy of NoBunny’s LP, Love Visions.  I have two copies that we may give away, the original Bubble Dumb version and the red repress that was actually an over run that has white labels and a stamp as the center label (I think there’s like 200 of these at most).  So if you like selling shit on ebay, you’ll want this for sure.  As always, send us feedback, questions and critiques at SoundSceneReveolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or in our comments section and follow us on Twitter (  And remember, “We’re just cashing in on her celebrity right now,” wisdom.


Interview with Hour of the Wolf – Podcast 117

Posted by rich on January 26, 2010

I could not be happier to bring you this weeks guest and show.  We actually conducted this interview later in the evening after last weeks interview, with Touche Amore.  After leaving the venue, we caught Hour of the Wolf at Comadre’s place (well Jack Shirley’s place), and they were totally nice enough to chat with us.  At this point I had a bit to drink and was probably misstating a few facts.  So if something is wrong, my bad.

For those who don’t know Hour of the Wolf is a completely rad hardcore band from Arizona, who oft get compared to hardcore pioneers The Misfits (the original, not whatever they are now).  So check out the interview and always cyber with us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on Myspace, or our comments.  And be sure to check out our up to the minute twitter at  Once we start rolling again expect a ton of news.  And remember, “I don’t know. You’d have to ask their employees who seem to relish in running around the internet spreading rumours about it – total fucking bullshit by the way. The only thing I’m going to say about it is that there were some severe personality clashes and if I ever had any fucking doubt whatsoever about leaving that label, those doubts would’ve been erased completely by watching the reaction of the people at that label once we left.”

Read more:

Interview with Touché Amoré – Podcast 116

Posted by rich on January 19, 2010

We’re so excited to be back with a brand new show for the new year (and indeed the new decade).  What better way to ring in the new year than with a new band who’s rising faster than Republican boners after Brown’s election, Touche Amore.  These guys are from LA and they play some old school emo/hardcore/I hate Genres.  Anyhow, they’re super good and they happen to be friends with some dude from Thursday, so your hip friends now them through that.  If you don’t know too much about them but dig the interview you can enter to win a copy of their debut full length …To the Beat of a Dead Horse on 12″ vinyl and CD.  Just tune in to the end of the broadcast to get that info.

As always send us some info at, on myspace or here in our comments.  Also, now that we’re back doing shows we’re on the wild world of twitter  Get into all that madness.  And remember, “”Woods is a good role model … because he has always been able to pull himself together after setbacks. Woods never does anything that would make himself look ridiculous.”


The Fest Hotel Show – Podcast 115

Posted by rich on December 15, 2009

**CAUTION**: This week’s show starts out loud and annoying and gets better from there.

This is gonna be short and sweet.  This is our Holiday Edition and we thought we’d do something better than cobble together some bullshit clips of the least awful things we’ve done in the last year.  So here’s the skinny.  Satureday, October 31, 2009 (the second day of The Fest) Sound Guy Nariman, Justin of punknews and myself, hosted a small acoustic gathering in our hotel in Gainesville, Florida.  The line up for this show was constantly changing due to schedule conflicts, sickness and just plan drunkenness but at the last minute we pulled together three amazing artists, PJ Bond, Aaron Scott (of Attica! Attica!, Ex-Marathon), and Tom May (of the Menzingers).  No set lists were planned and no one really knew how it would go.  In the midst of our poor planning, Sound Guy Nariman had the forethought to record the whole thing.  That recording is presented here, in its entirety, including banter, tuning and people yelling drunkenly at the performers.  It’s not anything close to perfect, but who said music was supposed to be perfect?

So, enjoy and be sure to check back after the new year, when we’ll have a full set of new interviews and contests (BTW the Cobra Skulls contest is still running).  Be sure to contact us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gamil[dot]Com, on Myspace and follow us at  Merry Holiday stuff bitches.


Interview with Cobra Skulls – Podcast 114

Posted by rich on December 8, 2009

This week we post and interview with a band I’ve been a fan of for sometime now.  Over two years and 50 podcasts ago we sat down with the members of Cobra Skulls.  At the time they had a couple of EP’s and a split 7″ under their belt and were getting ready for their first full length.  Since then the band has had a whirlwind of activity, releasing two full lengths, a 7″ and a split 7″ with Andrew Jackson Jihad, not to mention touring the world and giving up any permanent residency.  It’s been a busy couple of years and we wanted to catch up, so we got lucky enough to nail Devon to a chair for a few minutes to chat.  It was great not only to catch up with a band I’ve been following over the years but also to see how much they’ve changed.  When I first talked to them the band seemed almost overwhelmed that anyone would even listen to them.  A couple years later they seem to have come to terms with it and used their new voice to help bring change they really believe in.  And if that doesn’t do it for you, I think we also make some dick and fart jokes.

Also this week, we’re opening up a new contest for a copy of the Cobra Skulls new album, American Rubicon, on a lovely 12″ vinyl record.  It’s some sort of colored vinyl but I don’t really know which color…IT’S A CHRISTMAS SURPRISE!!!  Be sure to contact us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gamil[dot]Com, on Myspace and follow us at  Maybe we’ll do some exclusive twitter stuff to make it pay off.  And remember “it’s all part of the secular progressive agenda … to get Christianity and spirituality and Judaism out of the public square.  [B]ecause if you look at what happened in Western Europe and Canada, if you can get religion out, then you can pass secular progressive programs, like legalization of narcotics, euthanasia, abortion at will, gay marriage, because the objection to those things is religious-based, usually.”


Interview with The Forensics – Podcast 113

Posted by rich on December 1, 2009

After a week of stuffing ourselves with over sized fowl and braving hordes of meth addicted soccer moms at Wal-Mart at 3am, we’re back to bring you the best and last installment of our Fest interviews.  This week we sat down with Brent Eyestone and his band mates in Forensics.  For those not in the know, Brent is the label overlord of Magic Bullet Records, an amazing label that boasts releases from This Will Destroy You, Doomriders, Austin Lucas and a ton more.  Forensics is the awesome rock band that Brent fronts (I know right, so talented).  They’re somewhere between Kelly Clarkson and mid 2000’s Green Day (and they covered the Gin Blossoms’ “Hey Jealousy” at the Fest in 2008 [yeah it ruled]).  While I wasn’t quite prepared to interview the whole band (I mean, why would I actually want to be prepared for one of these things, ever), we cover everything from how the band got started, to the “revival” of vinyl, to playing live and even what it’s like to run a vanity label (I kid).  It’s pretty awesome and the guys are incredibly candid (something I find in increasing scarcity in music these days).

We have one more show after this, then we’ll be bringing you our Holiday Speck-Tac-You-Lore (that’s four syllables of awesome), so don’t miss out!  Also, we’ll be hosting all open contests for about two more weeks, then they’ll all be closed for the holiday season, so if you want to win someone a gift (instead of pissing away $15), or just want something incredible for your white elephant exchange, enter now!  Always feel free to contact us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gamil[dot]Com, on Myspace and follow us at and learn how often we do everything!  And remember, “We have to all improve our performance in terms of ensuring error-free broadcasts. To that end, there was a meeting this afternoon between senior managers and the folks who run the daytime shows in which expectations were reviewed, and the following results were announced: Effective immediately, there is zero tolerance for on-screen errors”…Penis.