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Interview with Only Crime – Podcast 48

Posted by rich on February 6, 2007

Happy first Tuesday of February! Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? Probably not unless you’re Payton Manning. Seriously, what a clusterfuck of a game. I’m not saying the Colts don’t deserve it but the Bears might as well of shined the Lombardi Trophy for the Colts.

Whatever, what really matters this week is hardcore punk with hardcore punks, namely Senior Russ Rankin of Only Crime. This guy has been involved in more awesome stuff than your sister in a three way with a clown and a painter (you heard right). So listen as we talk to Russ about his expansive punk rock career, his political leanings and what it’s like to play in a band where everyone asks you about the drummer.

Also, we have a chance to ENTER TO WIN!!! a copy of Only Crime’s new album, Virulence. All you need to do is listen to the last eight minutes (give or take) to learn our super easy entry rules, then you can impress your friends with you ability to win awesome free shit. As the saying goes, you can always hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, MySpace and our comments section. And remember, I don’t like decaffeinated teabags.


Interview with Avail – Podcast 47

Posted by rich on January 30, 2007

So I don’t know if you noticed, but we were gone last week. Sorry, we have personal lives(not really but sort of) and we weren’t able to get a show up BUT I promise we’ll make it up to you. How? By giving you a rip roaring good time of an interview with everyone’s favorite native Virginians, Avail!

We sat down with Beau Beau to ask the important questions, why. Why hadn’t they come out west in 5 years? Why don’t they have a new album? Why does Beau Beau have that insane goatee? And we got answers!…To most of them. But even if it’s not super informative, it’s super fun. So enjoy, as you listen to Beau Beau and I freeze to death in the Santa Cruz winter.

No contest this week but two super important updates:
1) As we approach our 50th show we’d like to revamp the site. So if you, or someone you know, does graphics or logos let us know. You can even send us your ideas or logos (just make sure to include the price you want if we use it). We’re not shelling out Google money, but we do understand that you want to get paid for your work (even if we don’t).

2) Along with “upping the punx” we’ve upped our bit rate to a stunningly clear 128kbit/s. Now you can hear me mumble and swear in a whole new way.

So send us your logo ideas, or let us know what you think about our old and improved show, to SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, on Myspace or leave us a comment right here. See ya’ll next week and remember, sharing is caring.


Interview with Strike Anywhere – Podcast 39

Posted by rich on October 31, 2006

So with a pressing election coming up (that’s for those of you who care enough to stop playing Final Fantasy whateverthehell long enough to notice) we figured it’d be prime time to slap you in the face with some well deserved politics. Not from us, of course, but from Richmond Virginia’s hometown hero’s Strike Anywhere.

We recently sat down with Thomas and talked about everything from Virginian politicians, to how you pay rent. And, let me be the thousandth person to say, Thomas is fucking smart. Not just like, “Oh, I have a PHD and like to look down on people” smart, like “Hey, I actually understand shit and can explain it to you” smart. Add to that an intense set of dreadlocks and you got a recipe for an awesome interview.

As per usual we have a BRAND NEW CONTEST where you can ENTER TO WIN a copy of Strike Anywhere’s latest CD Dead FM as well as other cool band shwag. Be sure to check out the last eight minutes to get the full scoop on entering. And always hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, at MySpace or on the comments section. I’m serious, we actually read at least 30% of all the shit we receive (I’ve already refinanced my house and begun a penis enlarging pill regimen thanks to peoples friendly e-mails).


Interview with Bane – Podcast 38

Posted by rich on October 24, 2006

What is up?! So here’s the recap:
1) We’re back
2) Nariman is now 90% more awesome than your average human
3) Bane is all up on this episode

That’s right the epic hardcore stylings of Bane grace this fine episode and you don’t want to miss it. We hit everything from hardcore fighting to why Bane kicks so much ass. Also we have a new contest to ENTER TO WIN some free gear from Bane. So listen to the last 8 minutes to learn how to enter. And remember to hit us up on SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, on MySpace or on the comments section.

Also check back next week for more awesome awesomeness.


Interview with Horse the Band – Podcast 35

Posted by rich on September 19, 2006

This week we keep it real with none other than HORSE the Band. This interview is so real, that we decided to do it in San Francisco’s tenderloin, as shit was being stolen! That’s right, in this interview you get not only a HORSE the Band interview PLUS tracks from their new EP Pizza BUT you get to hear us actually describe crimes in progress.

So hear as Nathan and Erik rip through questions with answers that will make your old, bigoted grandfather blush. But, rest assured it’s all in good fun. Also, we have not one but two…DOS copies of their new EP, Pizza, to give away. So be sure to listen to the last eight minutes to learn how to ENTER TO WIN!!!

As always you can reach us at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, at MySpace or on our comments section. We’re always looking for new bands to interview so if you have any ideas please contact us so we know who to look at. Have a good week and be prepared be cause next week has a HUGE surprise.


Interview with A Wilhelm Scream – Podcast 33

Posted by rich on August 29, 2006

This week we have something even more exciting than a debacle in a ten year old murder case, that’s right it’s A Wilhelm Scream (not just an exciting sound effect). These Massachusans are not only the kings of soon to be pin up teen heart throbs, they’re also one of the best young technical punk bands around. We got the chance to talk with Nuno and new bassist Brian (and knowing how this band goes through bassists this may be the only time you hear from him) about such fine topics as touring, being recognized at Best Buy and how awesomely unawesome Warped Tour is. We even took time to tackle the big issues regarding Dexter Holland and Anarchy Airlines!

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS PANDA FUN TIME!!!: Once again Justin from PunkNews.Org finagled his way onto the show. I’m not sure about the details about how he got on the show but I believe it has something to do with me asking him. Anyhow, he throws a couple of funny lines out there so keep an ear out for him.

Finally, we have a new contest were you can win a FREE copy of A Wilhelm Scream’s The Benefits of Thinking Out Loud and a CAN COZY! It’s like Christmas in your internet and A Wilhelm Scream is coming! Be sure to listen to the last 8 minutes or so to learn how to enter. And your continued contact through SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, our MySpace and the comments section always makes us smile (even if it’s only at your horrible grammar). So keep coming back and we’ll keep asking the questions you never wanted to know the answers to.


Interviews at Warped Tour (Part 2) – Podcast 30

Posted by rich on August 8, 2006

This week we bring you the fantastic second edition of our Warped Tour interviews. So sit back and enjoy music and interviews from The Living end and Every Time I Die. One band is Australian and plays an upright bass, one is American and has a music video featuring Michael Madsen, I’ll let you decide who is who. However, I will tell you that urine, Revolver magazine, and giant hair is discussed.
As these bands are both much to famous to give us stuff (and we didn’t want to ask as Warped Tour is draining enough) we will simply be running our Akimbo contest for another week. So check out the end of last weeks broadcast to learn how to enter to win fabulous prizes. As always, you can hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, on MySpace or under the comments section. Enjoy and check back next week for continued heights of awesomeness.


Interview with Akimbo – Podcast 29

Posted by rich on August 1, 2006

So here we are, another week and another wonderful, enlightening episode. This week we have Seattle’s Akimbo. These three guys have a rock-a-tude factor that is only beaten by their awesome hair factor. How good are they? So good that Jello Biafra insisted they put out an album with Alternative Tentacles. So if you love awesome metal infused hardcore these are your guys.

If you’re unfamiliar with their sound this week’s contest seeks to hook you up! You can ENTER TO WIN either a copy of Akimbo’s City of Stars or Forging Steel and Laying Stone or BOTH! Listen to the last 8 minutes of the broadcast to learn how to enter to win. As always hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, on our MySpace or on the comments section. Keep an ear out for next week’s newly awesome episode.


Interview with No Trigger – Podcast 26

Posted by rich on July 11, 2006

So I hope you all spent your Fourth of July week soaking in the beauty that is American Freedom. Apparently there was also some big Kickball tournament or something too (I guess it was on ESPN 8 or Telemundo). However, that garbage is purely for those Un-American godless, third world, countries who need to pray to Jesus for the salvation of democracy.

Speaking of praying, I pray that you’ve heard of No Trigger who hail from Dudley, MA (which is technically America). Their latest album, Canyoneer, has been getting love from critics and audiences alike and they have a live show that packs enough energy to power one of the those heathen third world countries. We got to talk with Tom and Mike from the band, which by the way, is the names of 80% of the band (if you’re doing the math that means two Tom’s and two Mike’s). These guys are not only really talented but funny as well (and cute as one of those buggley eyed kitten posters). So listen to this shit.

In addition we have a NEW CONTEST this week for a chance to win one of two copies of Canyoneer. As always listen to the last part of the broadcast to get the entry rules. You know you love us so hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution@gmail.com, on our MySpace, or on the comments section. Enjoy nursing that week long hangover you got and be sure to come back next week for more awesome music and prizes.

P.S. I forgot to add that the song we play is “Hail Mary Leakey” (not Seeky or seeskey or whatever the hell I try and say). Like the pro’s we are we didn’t have the CD on us so we looked up the track names and apparently someone else mislabeled the track and we just followed them. My bad.