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Interview with Propagandhi – Podcast 93

Posted by rich on March 3, 2009

Welcome back, have a seat, take a load off. Why do you have a load anyway? What are you, some old timey mine worker? Speaking of old timey, we have an interview with Chris Hannah, frontman and general badass from Propagandhi. The fine foursome from Winnepeg are getting ready to release their fifth album in 40 years, Supporting Caste. The boys are really excited for this one and Chris has a ton of things to talk about from the new album, to the hiatus of G7 Welcoming Comittee and even a bit about politics (really a rare topic for Propagandhi). So check it out and hear bits of their new album that 99% of your friends already downloaded.

Also, we’re going to continue running our 1-2-3-4-Go! Records contest, so check that shit out to learn how to enter to win. And always feel free to send us some stuff at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on myspace or in the comments section. And remember “They have destroyed poor families by breaking up those families, by offering welfare checks to women to keep having babies, no more father needed”


Interview with The Gaslight Anthem – Podcast 91

Posted by rich on December 9, 2008

Before we go away for the Holidays we wanted to bring you a special interview, with some amazing folks. Last year we had a great interview with Brian of Gaslight Anthem. It was rather impromptu (I just ran after him on the street screaming, “Brian!”, at the fest). A lot has happened in that last year, they’ve toured a ton, put out fifty million versions of their vinyl records, signed to Side One Dummy and (as of Tuesday) played on Conan O’Brien. Needless to say we were more than a little excited to talk to Alex, Alex and Benny. These guys are totally awesome and it’s been fun to seem them grow, and they’ve kept a good damn sense of humor about it along the way.

So check it out and be sure to tune into our Austin Lucas and mc chris interviews to enter some contests and we’ll answer those after the new year. Be sure to hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on myspace or in our comment section. And remember, be sure to support our “usurper, this long-legged mack daddy”…Fuck yeah.


Interview with The Riot Before – Podcast 90

Posted by rich on December 2, 2008

Guess who got lazy and forgot to post last week’s episode…it was me! Sorry, but now you’ll be extra thankful for this week’s episode. Especially considering it features an awesome band you’re sure to love, The Riot Before. We had the chance to speak with Brett of The Riot Before, after he played a show in our hotel room, shit was tight!

Anyhow, be sure to check out the interview and all the awesome stuff Brett has to say, he’s a rad dude and you’re sure to hear more from The Riot Before. We’ll be running the rest of our contests through the remainder of the 2008 and we’ll wrap it up in early 2009, so enjoy that you holiday loving bastards. Always feel free to hit us up at SoundSceneRevolution[at]gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or in the comments sections.


Interviews at Warped Tour 2008 (Part 2) – Podcast 83

Posted by rich on September 9, 2008

Welcome, to this the 80-something episode of Sound Scene Revolution. This is the second of our three Warped Tour Interview sections. This week we sit down with The Aggrolites, Story of the Year and Cobra Starship. Well, it’s more standing than sitting. Regardless, they’re pretty epically nasty and I highly reccomend you listen.

We are continuing our Against Me! contest for this week, so be sure to listen to learn how to enter. We’ll be back next week with tons more zany good times. And remember, “The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.” And dogs don’t bullshit themselves into thinking abstinence is the best answer for teenage pregnancy.


Interviews at Warped Tour 2008 (Part 1) – Podcast 82

Posted by rich on September 2, 2008

We’re back folks with probably our best podcast this week! Our show today is a double dose of Warped Tour Madness featuring The Bronx and (for the third time) Against Me!. We couldn’t be more excited as we talk with Matt, of The Bronx, about their two new albums and the insanity of Bronx vinyl. We were even more stoked to talk to Warren of Against Me!. The boys of AM! weren’t doing interviews that day, but we pulled some strings and managed to land a quickie with Florida’s favorite drummer/beard patron.

We also have a really exciting contest that we’ll be running for the next couple of weeks. One lucky winner will get a copy of Against Me!’s S/T 12″ EP. Only 500 of these were made and they sell for around $200 on ebay, so be sure to listen to the last 8 minutes of the broadcast to learn how to enter to win.

Be sure to say hello at, on our Myspace, or here in the comments section. And remember, “Avoid the Noid”.


Interview with Last of the Believers – Podcast 74

Posted by rich on January 29, 2008

How awesome are we at staying on schedule? The answer, not at all. Sorry, but with all the writers on strike I’ve been taking my time to put together a new script for a zany sitcom. I don’t want to reveal too much but let’s just say it will be a mix of Homeboys in Outer space and Laugh In. Expect big things.

In other (no scab) news we got to sit down with Chris and Brett of the band Last of the Believers. If the names sound familiar it’s probably because Chris and Brett are common names. However, it’s also because Chris used to be in Rise Against and Brett currently basses for Ignite. So trust me when I say Last of the Believers have a pedigree you need to hear to truly appreciate.

Also, we have two free copies of their re-released EP Paper Ships Under a Burning Bridge. All you need to do is listen to the last 8 minutes of the broadcast and learn how to enter to win (act excited!). Always, e-mail us at SoundSceneRevolution[at]Gmail[dot]com, on MySpace or in the comments section. Enjoy that shit. And remember “There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance.”


Interview with The Gaslight Anthem – Podcast 72

Posted by rich on January 15, 2008

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, sorry. Well, not really but I feel bad because life must have sucked while we were gone. But we’re glad to be back and glad to let you listen to more of our shenanigans, tomfoolery and buttsex. We happen to have an awesome new band on the show today I could only mean Gaslight Anthem.

These boys hail from New Jersey and play awesome rock songs with heart, feeling, love and enough balls to make even your slutty grandma happy. They’ve got one full length, Sink or Swim, and an EP slated for release this month on Sabot Productions called Señor and the Queen. Trust me, they’ve got a steadily building fanbase and you’re going to want to listen now or regret it later.

We have a ton of great things coming up, including out biggest contest to date (we’re talking it’s so big that a comedian from the 1990’s would compare it to your fat mother). So don’t sleep on it. We promise we’re gonna start flinging new shit out there and if you miss it don’t come crying to me with some sob story. You missed the Chuck Ragan live CD, too bad. You missed the Asian Mantravaganza, Boo-hoo. Do not miss our coming shows or you will have no one but yourself and your fanciful god to blame. For free coupons and spam send us a line at, out MySpace, or the comments section.


Interview with American Steel – Podcast 69

Posted by rich on November 20, 2007

We back! Not only are we back, but we back with one of the greatest Bay Area acts of this last whatever long! Prepare to enjoy the delicous jams and tasty talk of the boys from American Steel. Formerly Comunique, formerly American Steel, they’ve been making music for almost 15 years in some form. They’re back after a nearly five year absence to bring the fantastic Destroy Their Future to the desrving masses.

We sit down with Rory to discuss, music, life and eternal debt. Enjoy and listen to the whole interview to learn how to ENTER TO WIN!!! a signed copy of Destroy their Future on CD. We totally love you guys and that’s why we hook you up. Feel free to hit us up at, on MySpace or in the comments section and remember:
“Absolutely, under no circumstance at all are customers allowed to play Stairway to Heaven, Sweet Child O’ Mine , or Smoke on the Water while trying out guitars. Thank You.”


Interviews at Warped Tour 2007 (Part 3) – Podcast 66

Posted by rich on August 21, 2007

Holy crap! For the two of you who might read this crap, we’ve finally rolled out a show on time for the first time since your mom was sober enough to pass out somewhere other than the porch. How did we manage to do this amazing feat of averageness? Mostly, because this is a Warped Tour episode and the show was recorded and edited weeks ago…BUT, also because I had a remarkably slow day at work and got to type the blog on the clock. Take that, the man!

So, the down side is that all the punctuality on Earth can’t make Warped Tour interviews good but Killswitch Engage can. That’s right this week we sit down with those crazy kids of metalcore to discuss the finer points of metal, punk and short shorts. Also this week has Hawaii’s very own Pepper. Other than sharing their name with a popular dinner condiment I didn’t/don’t know anything about these guys, so don’t ask me.

We’ll be wrapping up all of our contests next week, but for now you have one last chance to enter our Asian Man Contests (Lawrence Arms and Dan Potthast interviews) and the Whole Wheat Bread contest. So enter now, or just shut your trap. Leave us e-cards filled with viruses at, MySpace or the comments sections.
Hurricane Rich, out.


Interviews at Warped Tour 2007 (Part 2) – Podcast 65

Posted by rich on August 14, 2007

Welcome back. No reason to waste a lot of time on this because it’s part two of our three part WARPED TOUR SHITTACULAR!!! Basically, it’s us filtering through every single artist the fine folks at Warped Tour threw at us. And like the ubber pro’s we are, we handled each interview like we didn’t know who the hell these people were (because mostly, we didn’t).

So sit back and enjoy The Briggs, The Warped Tour Comedians (yeah, seriously) and Authority Zero. No on contests but our Asian Man Extravaganza and our Whole Wheat Bread contest are still open so check those out. Always, always (always?), yes always, hit us up at, on MySpace or in the comments section.

Karl Rove resigned this week…What a bitch.